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Why CAMS was created

Our Microsoft business solutions team have been working closely with the associations industry for nearly a decade. Our Microsoft Solutions team entered the market by chance, after they were commissioned to build a custom solution for one of Australia’s largest associations. During the project, we were surprised to learn that there are over 80,000 associations in Australia alone.

After some additional research, it became clear that when it came to technology, the associations sector needed a better option. Associations needed something more modern, more intelligent, and more focused on servicing the specific needs of member-based organisations. With this in mind, Brennan began the development of a new, purpose-built solution, one that addresses the needs of associations. Enter CAMS.

Backed by the vision and power of Microsoft’s Business Applications platform, and supported by our team’s deep understanding of data management, we have created a solution that offers advanced capability and possibility to the associations sector. CAMS provides a better user experience for your members and easily accessed, advanced data and analytics for your staff.

Introducing our Product Advisory Board

Our Product Advisory Board was established in 2021 and is made up of a select group of experienced industry leaders. Working closely with the team at Brennan, the board has been created to help to guide the strategic direction of CAMS and drive continuous product enhancements.

Craig Horton

Craig Horton

Fabio Bastian
Fabio Bastian
With the support of our foundation customers, for five years CAMS has been growing and evolving to become the mature, intuitive and intelligent product it is today. What started as a micro vertical project has developed into an intuitive and dynamic association management tool.

“RANZCR was really impressed with the Brennan team when we first engaged them. They took the time to listen and understand our association and our different needs. We needed to create comprehensive reports pulling data out of the various systems, and they were able to create beautiful dashboards leveraging Microsoft Power BI; It’s early days but we are really excited with the solution the Brennan team implemented”

Craig Horton, CIO, Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Radiologists

Future of CAMS

We’re passionate about modernising associations’ digital platforms and improving your members’ digital experiences. CAMS is not here to be a second-tier solution, we’re here to be innovative leaders working at the forefront of technology. CAMS is the standard that associations should demand when assessing their technology options.

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